Why Ask for Civility in American Politics?

Nobody here thinks that random acts of incivility in politics will bring about the end of our nation. Before you pass this blog off as a foolish attempt to change a serious and complex political arena into a campfire singing of Kumbaya, understand that our call for civility is not a request that politicians “put down the boxing gloves and play nice”. Instead, it is a request to the voters of our nation to reject the political games which some media personalities, politicians, and parties use to polarize us. As long as we continue to elect politicians who demonize one another, feed our uncertainties by encouraging suspicion, and sacrifice meaningful policy discussions for trifling sound bites, we will continue to see more of the same. We don’t want Kumbaya, we just want to be told the truth by politicians we can trust. Civility in politics, then, is not a luxury we disperse to those who agree with us, but a responsibility we have as Americans to be informed and reasonable in our politics.

To do this, we need to first look at ourselves. It’s often necessary to legitimize our own feelings by seeking out validating information or the agreement of others, but this should not be done in politics. Our nation, more than any other in the world, requires that we challenge our own assumptions continuously in order to be better, more capable citizens who vote for candidates with real solutions. We all have a responsibility to refuse to buy into the game some media personalities, politicians, and parties use to polarize us. When we demand substance from those who would be our representatives and leaders, we take back the power to refocus our government on finding solutions.

This being our first post, we will have MUCH more to come. Comments are welcome, and thanks for listening!




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