About Civility in American Politics

This blog was created to bring Americans together around the very commonly held idea that our political system too often sacrifices meaningful debate and real solutions for trifling sound bites and guaranteed re-election votes. We contend that as long as we continue to elect politicians who demonize one another, or feed our uncertainties by encouraging suspicion or fear in our communities, we will continue to see more of the same. Ultimately, “Washington” is what we – average citizens like you and I – make it.

Because we are taking a step back from the policy discussion (or lack thereof) to view how the issue is being presented, we will not take sides on any single issue or promote one party over another. Instead, we will assess the method by which politicians, parties, and those in the media present their arguments. We will also post ideas about what we can do to ensure that our nation can overcome these obstacles to better governance.



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